• DEVELOPMENT : the act or process of developing; growth; progress:

    Let Apt creative help you to develop a site that you will be proud to show off to the world.

  • Stock or Original imagery available

    Use high quality stock imagery or we can create original imagery for you, give you usage rights for web and print purposes
  • A Diverse Assortment of Prebuilt Layouts and Themes

    A range of pre-built templates are available for you to select from and help keep your costs down
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Realtime Live Demo

Checkout your pre-production site and even edit the text before it goes live

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It is important to us that you have a voice in the development of your web service. Although our speciality is in design, yours is your business and therefore you know what your public/customers want from you. We have created this development site as a safe space for you to view the progress that is happening on your website and also a place to review the look and potentially change text during the site building process.

Why is this important to me as a customer?

After the initial design, copyrighting is the most difficult thing for website owners to complete. You need enough words so that the search engines can find you whilst at the same time not having too many "technical" terms or jargon. By having a "live" development site we are able to work with you, giving you the tools to view the text that is going to appear on your site. It also means that if you think a specific word or phrase would be important to your intended audience then you can go in to the site during development and make those changes on the fly. This saves time as is stops the need for a constant back and forth of emails or phone calls and, more importantly saves you money as you are not having to get a designer to correct every piece of text on the page. In short it goes some way to demystifying the whole website process and gives some of the power back to you - the customer

Does that mean that I'm on my own?

The short answer is "Absolutely not". If you want to work in the traditional way and send requests by email, by phone or even face to face then we are more than happy to work in the way that suits you best. As you will have been advised, we can offer a full copyrighting service for you if needed. Many small business owners feel that their time can be spent more productively running their business rather then spending hours trying to craft the perfect introduction. We will need to work closely with you and ask you lots of questions because, lets face it YOU are the one that knows what your business requires. However if you feel confident about what you want to say then you are able to use our development site to say it. Confident in what you want to say, just want to "have a go" but not confident about starting to "edit a site". Don't worry, we have added a number of tutorials to the FAQ section which will help you get started and we are always on hand if you get stuck.